Things You Should Know Before Buying a Used Car

People tend to buy used cars because they are understandably put off by the idea of buying a new car and potentially spending tens of thousands on something they don’t really need. There are many different things that should be considered before you buy used car lebanon pa, the most important being integrity. Here are things you should know before buying a used car.

Check the Maintenance History

Typically, used cars in lebanon pa dealers will lie to you about the maintenance history on cars they want to buy. Be sure to check the car’s maintenance history because it will give you great insight into its past. Second, know that newer vehicles do not have as much “life-cycle miles” as older vehicles. It takes a long time for an old vehicle to have around 20,000 – 30,000 miles on it. Newer vehicles tend to have 300 – 400 miles more than older vehicles.

Don’t Automatically Trust the Seller

It is not uncommon for dealers to lie about issues with a car. For example, if the car has corrosion, some dealers have been known to say “it’s just surface rust.” Be sure to inspect the car yourself and don’t let the salesperson sway your opinion on what you see.

Be Aware of the Tax Burden

When buying a used car, you will be required to pay sales tax unless the car is being bought out of state. This will mean a bigger chunk out of your pocket. The buyer is usually responsible for paying all the taxes on this transaction, but it’s possible there could also be other fees involved as well. Such fees are typically called “transfer taxes” which are different from other taxes you pay when you buy a new car.

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Check the Car’s History

When buying any used car, you should check the car’s history. You will be able to get a more accurate idea of how much the car has been driven before you buy it and what maintenance has been done. Ask to see receipts from when the car was serviced and also ask for a vehicle inspection.

Consider the Car’s Age

Be careful about buying too old of a used car because it costs more to maintain older vehicles because the parts may be on their last leg and will cost much more to replace.

Don’t Fall For Ads That Exaggerate What the Car Can Do

There are many ads that exaggerate what a car can do, much like when a new car is advertised by saying “this vehicle has all-wheel drive when it only has front-wheel drive.