Which guns deal the most damage in FPS games?

Since it was first released in the year 2000 as the standalone game. The cs 1.6 has brought hundreds of thousands of fans. And also the latest Counter strike global offensive is giving a new era for Valve’s premiere FPS title. The CSGO made its popularity because it has been fairly balanced ever since. The game has been the biggest esports title in the world the same as the games such as League of Legends and Dota 2. If you are interested in guns then below are the best weapons ever used in the game.


It is the cheapest gun in the CS 1.6. It is the secondary weapon of the player’s and most likely it is used for pistol-only rounds. At the beginning of the game when a player can’t afford to have larger guns. And or any ammunition supplies for it can be tiring. It is semi-automatic and it has a low power which sometimes can be effective once you aimed it carefully.

Glock 18

It is a low-powered but also accurate kind of gun. This is also the default terrorist starting pistol. It is dirt and cheap but it is sometimes useful when you are very precise. If you have a fast finger you can buy this gun or you can join the terrorist team to earn a free gun. In other versions, it has an unlimited fire rate. Once your finger is not that fast you can use bursts and aim for headshots.

USP tactical

It is the default counter-terrorist pistol. By packing great firepower in the same size and weight. The advantage of it is being able to silence the USP. This means that the counter-terrorists have an advantage in the pistol rounds.

Desert Eagle

It is also known as Deagle which is also popular for powerful pistols. You can kill someone with a single headshot. The magazine is small and its accuracy is very important. A lot of players will pick the Desert Eagle if they are buying a handgun. If you choose your shots you can snipe with this kind of pistol and get headshots from rangers.   Which most people will think is safe during the pistol rounds. The bullets can also get into players and walls aside from their magazine size.

FN Five-seveN

It has high precision and large magazines. But it has a lack of power and it has a low weight which does not affect the speed of the pistol. This will let the player run at the same speed of 250 units per second. When you compare it to dual berettas it has a lower rate of fire. Although it has a nice accuracy and low compared to the pistols.