Detailed information about the concrete bath tubs.

Concrete bath tubs are one of the traditional bath tubs that are used for various reasons. You can use them to feed the birds. These bath tubs will be available in various shapes. These bath tubs are not ideal for the backyard birders. There are different variants of bath tubs that are available and moulded cast stone and concrete bath tubs are one of them. These bath tubs are available with the pedestal and base attached to it. Though they can be available on different colours but basic grey is the most commonly used colour. Non Toxic Concrete Sealer For Bird Bath is the best one to use for the birds.

How to colour the bath tub?

  • Painting for the concrete bath tub should be done to avoid leakage problem for the bath tubs. The leakage problem is common in case of the concrete bath tubs as they are very porous. To avoid this it should be painted with non toxic paints. Bath tubs should have to be painted with non toxic paints as the toxic substances will cause various health problems.
  • In order to paint the bath tub you have to clean the tub to remove the debris and dust that is attached to the bath tub. Then vigorously wash the tub with the scrub brush. Then pour out the water by tilting the bath tub to one side. Again fill the bath tub with fresh water and left it for some time. In this mix white vinegar in the proportions of one part of vinegar for every four parts of water. Then left it over for fifteen to twenty minutes before again rinsing with the fresh scrub.
  • Then dumb the vinegar water that are placed for a while and again clean the bath tub with fresh water for four to five minutes. You can place grass in the bath tub where you have placed vinegar water to settle the acid. Then you can apply Non Toxic Concrete Sealer For Bird Bath and allow it to dry. If possible move it to the place where it gets undisturbed. Allow the bath tub to dry for three to four days. It is better to wait for that much time and it gives to allow the paint to dry inside also.


The above instructions that are provided will help you before painting the bath tub.