Call services for business- All you need to know

We connect you to some of the most technologically advanced and dependable phone networks in the area, ensuring that your business communications smoothly. HBC provides the technology that needsto be backed by the expertise you deserve, whether you require a single line to stay connected with your clients, a Hosted PBX again for the best in sophisticated telephony, or an Order to clearly define SIP solutions. Allow us to assess your telephone requirements and develop a system that allows for your company’s current and future success.

Every firm needs a call center to manage all customer-related inquiries. It’s more than a gadget for picking up calls and providing excellent customer service. The call center allows you to track, manage, and manage your customer calls in one location.

Call services for business often entail delivering prompt, courteous, and upbeat service to customers and ensuring that their requirements are addressed in a way that reflects well on the organization or business.

Digital Lines

For their phone services, small enterprises often use digital lines. Capabilities, long-range, and toll-free numbers can all be added.

Hosted Pbx

In a reduced managed service package, get the functionality of an extensive company phone system. It’s the easy-to-use and effective communication tool you’ve been waiting for.

Trunk Lines

Without the need for a unique voice line for every number, you can manage the whole of your calls. Whether you require broadband SIP Trunk, T1, and PRI, HBC has a solution for you.

Premium Attendant

Like a live operator, Hosted attendant services direct inbound callers to the correct department or employee. Callservicesforbusiness often Hirean attendant that could save your organization time and ensure that your clients’ calls are managed effectively 24/7, seven days a week by handling all of your incoming calls.

Virtual Phone

Just get a local company phone, a listing inside the phone book, and extensive voicemail capability with HBC’s Virtual Phone—all even without the cost of a standard phone line.

The online Customer Support Portal makes it simple to retrieve messages from your Virtual Phone, and setup is quick and straightforward!

Music On Hold

Nobody enjoys being put on hold. While your consumers are waiting, entertain them or educate people about your latest deals. With HBC Music On Hold, you may take your recordings or choose between a collection of built-in standard sounds.


Call Management Portal

This simple web interface helps to manage your Voice message and telephony functions. View and listen to incoming calls, establish address books, set up routing and filtering settings, and manage the settings page while on the go.