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Great Ideas When Installing Screen Enclosures

Modern innovations have made it possible to customize the showcase for various purposes. If you want to add more protection for your family and add value to your home, installing patio screen railings would be a good idea. While this design isolates the patio from the rest of your garden or patio, modern designs create the feeling of being outdoors, even inside a screen fence.

Designs combine glass with filtering through natural light.

Shielded fencing is a popular way to expand the available living space in your home. It provides good ventilation, so you won’t suffocate in the smoke even if you roast indoors. You are also allowed an unobstructed view of the stars at night. Installing one of these additions for your family’s needs is a simple matter of figuring out exactly how the space will be used and what building materials to use. Some tips and tricks to help you design your covered porch.

In most cases, theseĀ screen enclosures in Lexington, KY start as a covered porch or patio adjoining the house. The area is often an excellent place for outdoor activities or entertainment. If the existing site is to be used as a base for this project, the current condition of the patio needs to be assessed.

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Measure the area. The inspection should include the foundation, support posts, and the current deck. The current landscaping should also be considered in terms of repair or removal. Building permits are necessary for any building construction that results in a premise or an attached building. The aspect may well affect the type of structure you decide to build. Before you begin the process for your screened porch, find out if you need to get a permit.

Usage can vary greatly. Decide whether the space will be used primarily as a recreational area or as a playroom for children. It is a goal to create a space used all year round. Make decisions in advance, as they may affect how the enclosure is built.

These structures can be easily built using PVC pipes and lightweight mesh fabric. However, if you are looking for something more durable, you might want to consider adding walls where windows and doors are installed. While a more complex and longer-term solution may result in the need for a permit, it will also increase the home’s value.


If the building is intended for year-round use, you should choose furniture that will last a long time and is easy to care for. Wall coverings, floor coverings, furniture, and sanitary ware are examples of finishes.