Calm your cats with their favorite chews

An emotional companion like our furry friends is our company during stress and depression. But have you ever thought if they need your support for their mental wellbeing as well? Sometimes, they too feel anxiety, nervousness, and skittishness, and the best way to treat it is our Cat calming treats. Nowadays, CBD products are gaining prominence due to their anti-stress and anti-anxiety properties in humans and animals. Though numerous brands have flooded the market, do you know which one is the best for you? We will tell you why there is no other better option than us.

The constituents of the treat

Our cat calming treats are made from beneficial natural resources such as catnip, taurine, and hempseed oil, combined with the goodness of CBD oil. CBD has been used for pain-relieving properties; it relaxes and soothes the stressed nerves and body parts and acts as an anti-inflammatory, anti-stress, and anti-anxiety substance. Our chews are the most sought-after products in the market since they are bite-size and easy to digest. The best part aboutthese chews is that they contain no artificial or harmful substances, such as GMOs.

How are these treats useful for our feline friends?

Feeling anxious or nervous is a typical response of animals to bad mental health, visitsto the vet, fireworks, car rides, and more. Keeping your cat calm and relaxed during these conditions can be quite a difficult task, and it is here where our treats are helpful.

  • It improves sleep and appetite.
  • Promotes excellent and healthy mood
  • Regulates hormone levels in the body.
  • Boosts Joint support, and
  • Calms aggression.

Our chews can be your friend in need. Take care of those who have taken care of you in your lows. Begin with our treats today.